A dynamic, fun and high energy class which draws elements from pilates, yoga and ballet barre conditioning. So you can expect to improve your posture, work deep to the core, lengthen, strengthen and align muscles whilst working you from the inside out - not neglecting the deeper delicate muscles. Look no further for a low impact yet upbeat sequence that flows,yielding incredible results.



No ordinary barre session, we have “upped the ante” - think more speed, more reps and lots of creativity and flow. Expect to get your sweat on with the interspersed HIIT intervals to challenge you from beginning to end! You will see elements of dynamic barre with body weight training. This class will be notoriously known for the “burn factor” burning up to 700 calories. Expect an athletic, lean physique with the posture of a ballerina.



A load driven, highly effective whole body workout, delivered in true BoxBarre style. This intense, yet low impact total body workout is designed to focus on controlled, isolated movements. The workout includes the use of kettle bells (at the Barre even!), resistance bands, hand weights and lots of energy to ensure you strengthen and sculpt your body, working them to the limit giving you a tight chiseled body. After just a matter of sessions you can expect to be achieving long lean muscles, amazing posture and an incredibly strong core. The torque tank prowler could be incorporated into this session.