Learn the ropes of the Sweet Science in our boxing sessions, designed to develop and perfect the fundamentals of the sport whilst providing an exhaustive all-over workout. Aqua bag punch combinations, shadow-boxing and light footwork, these technique-focused sessions will help develop timing, speed, power, distance and accuracy whilst ensuring the heart rate is always high. Suitable for boxers of all levels, whether you are a complete novice or seasoned pro, there will be something for everyone in this workout.



Fancy footwork at the ready! A seriously heart-pounding, adrenaline-inducing throw down of a workout. The class incorporates interval training, utilising speed coupled with strength, conditioning and boxing techniques. All to a killer playlist with the lights down low. If it’s a challenge you want this is definitely the class for you. Expect to be pushed to your limits as you swap between bag sequences, body weight drills and resistance exercises with very little rest in between. Box Sweat is not for the faint hearted but perfect for anyone to get fighting fit.



Physical and mental fitness collide in a class that will throw everything possible at you, including the kitchen sink - BOX POWER is no ordinary class and the words “I can’t” or “I’m done” don’t exist - functional fitness based on elements of strong male/female training will bring out the competitor in you as you slam the battle ropes, push the sled and land heavy power punch combinations on the bag, This class packs a serious punch, breaking through your endurance barriers. Weight and endurance training - the perfect sports conditioning partnership, transformation starts here!